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Oregon Tour Experts is a professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in providing professional local tour guides along with additional services of creating customized events, activities, tours, itineraries, transportation and program logistics.

At Oregon Tour Experts, LLC, our focus is on future visitors both domestically and internationally traveling to Oregon; our goal is to make certain we’re providing you with the best information, resources, and experiences:
  • One of our top priorities is to ensure that all visitors to Oregon feel welcome and safe, while providing resources that help travelers experience the best Oregon has to offer.
  • We are looking to the future and the  resurgence of our industry in Oregon.
  • Our team is currently reviewing and updating  all marketing and product development campaigns in our organization so that we continue to positively impact the marketplace.
  • We will align all resources, marketing, and advertising efforts with Travel Portland, Travel  Oregon, and other industry partners to rebuild our market-share in the near future.
  • All individual tours are fully refundable up to 24-hours prior to departure and we can customize small group or family multi-day packages up to 72-hours prior to departure.
  • If you want to change the date of your tour there is no change fee.
  • All of our tours can be reserved as private tours for groups of 4 or more.
  • Through at least December 31, 2020 all Mercedes Sprinter vans that run our tours will have no more than 10 guests on them.
We know most travelers will be ready to travel when our world is safe again. We can’t wait! When you are ready to travel again, we’ll be here to assist with an experience in Oregon’s natural beauty and welcoming  spirit of hospitality. In the meantime, “Stay Home, Save Lives.”
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