What we Believe: Code of Conduct & Ethics 

The term “Owners & Staff” shall mean Oregon Tour Experts.  This Code is subject to change and may be amended, supplemented, or superseded by one or more separate policies. If any part of this Code conflicts with local laws or regulations, only the sections of this Code permitted by applicable laws and regulations will apply. Any policies that are specifically applicable to your jurisdiction will take precedence to the extent they conflict with this Code. 

Conflicts of Interest 

Each “Owners & Staff” is responsible for complying with the Conflicts of Interest and Executive Compensation Policy. “Owners & Staff” are expected to act, at all times and in all ways, in the best interests of the Company.

Ethical Standards of Conduct and Values 

“Owners & Staff” will act in an ethical, honest, collegial, and professional manner, and will observe relevant laws and regulations. Faithfully abide by the articles of incorporation, by-laws and policies of the company.

Diversity & Equity & Inclusion & Discrimination(DEID)

“Owners & Staff” shall not discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion (or belief, where applicable), age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, genetic information or characteristics (or those of a family member), or any other category protected under applicable federal, state, or local law. 

1. “Owners & Staff” shall support the work of dismantling Racism by becoming an anti- racism organization, industry locally, nationally and globally for all communities and all partners.

2. Respect the diversity of opinions as expressed or acted upon by the “Owners & Staff”.

Financial Integrity and Responsibility 

“Owners & Staff” is committed to the transparency and integrity of our publicly-filed financial reports and other communications. Our principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer, and people who perform similar functions are deemed our “senior financial officers” and are responsible for ensuring that the disclosure in company periodic reports is full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable. 

Confidential Information 

“Owners & Staff” shall not disclose confidential information, relating to company and its operations, including but not limited to, information about Owners, employees, volunteers, consultants, vendors, finances, general operations, programmatic work, legal affairs, contractual arrangements, personnel matters, and current and future plans. Confidential information does not include information lawfully in the public domain. “Owners & Staff” shall not disclose such confidential information, directly or indirectly, to any third person without the express written consent of company or as provided below. 

Compliance With Laws 

“Owners & Staff” are expected to act within the bounds of applicable laws, rules, and regulations of Oregon, the USA and other countries. The application of these and other laws can be complex and fact- dependent. You should notify and get approval from company majority owners. Included but not limited to: Data Privacy; Anti-Corruption; International Trade; Lobbying and Campaign Finance; Sharing competitively sensitive information with competitors; Leveraging market power to gain an unfair competitive advantage; Entering into agreements with suppliers or customers that impose exclusivity obligations; and Insider Trading 

Environmental Health and Safety 

“Owners & Staff” is committed to complying with environmental, health, and safety (EHS) laws and regulations in the workplace and in the communities where we operate. 

Reporting Violations 

“Owners & Staff” are responsible for reporting and investigating acts of wrongdoing including but not limited to;  dispute resolution or problem-solving mechanisms incorporated  by the Organization are required by all “Owners & Staff” to adhere to.

Performance Requirements

“Owners & Staff” will conduct evaluation on performance bi -annually, as well as

  1. All “Owners & Staff”, as determined by Global Ethics & Compliance, must familiarize themselves with and complete training on the Code of Conduct and anti-racism.

Amendment and Waivers 

Any amendment of any provision of this Code of Conduct must be approved by the owners or, if appropriate, the Audit & Risk consultant, and promptly disclosed as may be required pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.  Any waiver or modification of this Code of Conduct for a “Owners & Staff” or financial officer must be approved by the owners and promptly disclosed.