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Private- Mt Hood Loop Tour

Departure: Daily, Year-round
Duration: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
1: $610 per person
2: $330 per person
3: $246 per person
4+: $199 per person
Pick-up Location: Select Downtown Portland Hotels. Click here for a list of many hotels we pick up at.

Mt. Hood Loop Tour including Multnomah Falls Overview
If you are searching for the best day tour from Portland, Oregon, look no further. The Mt. Hood Loop tour offers a fun and stress-free way to see the top sites near Portland, including the nationally recognized Multnomah Falls and the Columbia River Gorge, Hood River Valley, and Timberline Lodge up at Mt. Hood.

*Experience the must-see attractions of the Columbia River Gorge, Hood River, and Mount Hood on this comprehensive full day trip from Portland.
*Encounter old-growth forests, wildflower filled meadows, thundering waterfalls, and snow covered peaks all in a single day!
*Create lasting memories! Mount Hood is renowned for its gorgeous scenery, spectacular scenic lookouts, and summer wildflowers. Don’t forget your camera!
*Learn the history of the land and the region’s culture, and how this incredible landscape was shaped over time.


Join us on our full day guided tour from Portland to Mt. Hood. By visiting Mount Hood with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, you will have multiple opportunities to get the best photographs of the awe-inspiring scenery, and to learn about the history and heritage of Portland’s iconic mountain.

Our tour will depart the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland by first taking you into the wonders of the Columbia River Gorge. We will follow the Columbia River east to the town of Hood River for lunch before driving up through the Hood River Valley to the south side of Mt. Hood. The sites that we may visit include: Multnomah Falls, Rowena Crest, a farm stand (seasonally), and Timberline Lodge. Your route may vary based on weather and road conditions but our guides will make necessary changes to enhance your Mt Hood Loop tour experience.

Multnomah Falls

Mt. hood tour multnomah falls

Fed by underground streams that originate miles above at Larch Mountain, this ancient 620 foot (189m) waterfall is divided into two sections; the upper fall plummets an impressive 542 feet into a pool and again drops 69 feet to form a creek that runs into the Columbia River. Multnomah Falls is the second highest year-round waterfall in the United States and the highest waterfall in Oregon. This set of falls near Portland, Oregon is the state’s top natural attraction, drawing over 2.5 million visitors a year from around the world. At the base of the falls sits the historic Multnomah Falls Lodge, a full-service day lodge complete with the Multnomah Falls restaurant serving up local cuisine, an expansive gift shop, a snack and espresso bar, and an interpretive center. While visiting Multnomah Falls, you will be able to explore the lodge, hike up to the Multnomah Falls bridge (known as the Benson Bridge) and experience the natural beauty of this Oregon wonder.

Hood River

Mt. hood tour multnomah falls

One hour east of Portland, the city of Hood River, Oregon is located in a fertile valley of the Columbia River Gorge nestled between two potentially active volcanoes, Mt. Adams to the north and Mt. Hood to the south. Popularized as a windsurfing destination in the 1980’s, this former timber town has grown dramatically into an outdoor recreation mecca with a reputation for excellent mountain biking, white water kayaking, paragliding, rock climbing, hiking and skiing. We will eat lunch in downtown Hood River which offers a variety of restaurant and craft brewery options to choose from plus the opportunity to explore local boutique shops and wine tasting rooms. After lunch, we will journey into the Hood River Valley, known for its natural beauty, thousands of acres of fruit orchards, and multiple generations of farming knowledge.  Marvel at the stunning views of the mountain as you hear about the rich history of the area’s agricultural and timber industry.

Rowena Crest

Mt. hood tour multnomah falls

Observe the rapid change in climate and landscape as we drive east towards this iconic viewpoint at the top of a massive basalt feature, previously known as Memaloose Castle, but now referred to as Rowena Crest. The Historic Columbia River Highway winds its way up in a series of horseshoe curves and switchbacks designed back in 1915 to allow cars with limited horsepower to climb the 700 feet to the top. We will intimately experience the artistic design of this road as we slowly make our ascent. Equally stunning, you will appreciate the view from Rowena Crest, which reveals a dramatic landscape carved out by the ice age Missoula Floods. With breathtaking views and a delightful horseshoe-shaped road, it is no wonder that Rowena is one of the most photographed viewpoints in Oregon.

Fruit Stands

Mt. hood tour multnomah falls

Experience locally owned and grown food along Hood River County’s most scenic drive, known as the “Fruit Loop.” The “Fruit Loop” passes through the valley’s orchards, vineyards and family farms. Along this route, 28 seasonally opened fruit stands reside offering an assortment of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fresh fruit pies, jams, syrups, local honey, ciders and hand-crafted artisan gifts. Hood River County is the world’s leading producer of Anjou pears, and the nation’s largest pear growing region. Hood River, Oregon is also well-known for other kinds of “big tree” fruit, including apples, cherries, nectarines and peaches. We will stop at a fruit stand so you can sample and purchase many of these farm-fresh delights, and bring back home a little bit of Oregon.

Trillium Lake

Mt. hood tour multnomah falls

In the summertime (pending traffic and weather issues) we’ll visit Trillium Lake, a small body of water known for great fishing, camping, hiking, and summer recreation. The route to the lake is part of the Barlow Road, a portion of the original Oregon Trail that once allowed pioneers to travel through marshy land on the last leg of their journey west. The lake is named after the beautiful wildflower that is common to the area, and offers one of the most stunning views of Mt. Hood found anywhere. This spot also provides the unique opportunity to take photographs of the reflection of Mt. Hood off the still waters of Trillium Lake.

Mount Hood’s Timberline Lodge

At 11,249 feet, glacier-clad Mt. Hood is nationally known for several alpine ski areas, especially Timberline, which receives so much snow it has the longest ski season in North America. Timberline Lodge is the most impressive structure on Mt. Hood, and its artful architecture has astonished visitors for over 80 years. This Mt. Hood lodge was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) between 1936 and 1937, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt personally dedicated the finished construction from a balcony overlooking the main entrance facing Mount Jefferson. Funded by  the Federal Arts Project, much of the art, furniture, and interior design of Timberline Lodge exemplifies the rough western flair of the Art Deco period popular in the United States during the 1930s. You’ll fall in love with the unique stone arches, wrought iron accents, and massive fireplaces of rough-cut stone. While visiting Timberline Lodge, take time to meander throughout the public areas of the lodge, take lots of photos of the mountain, and don’t miss out on the Snow-Capped Dream, the most amazing cup of hot chocolate!

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