Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Adventure Tour Contact Us!

//Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Adventure Tour Contact Us!

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Adventure Tour Contact Us!

Ecuador Highlights

* Quito, * Baños, * La Mitad Del Mundo, * Alándaluz, * Guayaquil
* Montañita, * Riobamba & Nariz Del Diablo, Cotopaxi

Galapagos Islands Highlights

* Tour Islands on yatch, * Endangered Wildlife, Snorkeling
* Charles Darwin Research Station, * Snorkeling- with penguins and sea lions, * Wildlife- 440(+lbs) tortoises, marine and land iguanas
All local transportation, meals, lodging, and miscellaneous fees will be included in the price.

Note: Hub World Travel tour guides are full time staff members who are knowledgeable of the South America region. The guide will be able to share information and expand your knowledge of the cultural, political, and economic state of the area. We want to ensure you have a wonderful experience and return home with many stories to tell.


Day 1
Arrival to Quito from international flight
Welcome to Ecuador! Arrival from the USA, transfer to Patio Andaluz Hotel.

Day 2
Quito City tour, Middle of the World
With a privileged location, surrounded by beautiful valleys and spectacular mountains, Quito is close enough to the sky, you can nearly touch it. Quito shows it’s restored colonial district with splendid churches, plazas, galleries & museums. Undiminished by the passage of time and the ferocious forces of nature, Quito’s historic center is the best preserved and least altered in all of Latin America, conserving the milieu of Colonial times with all its richness and diversity. This glorious historic centre is a maze of narrow streets lined with exquisite monasteries, churches and antiquated houses, all examples of the most beautiful colonial architecture on the continent. This unique, unequalled, inimitable historic centre undoubtedly deserves the Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, awarded to Quito by UNESCO in 1978.

Middle of the world Monument: a small scale replica of Colonial Quito built around the most representative monument that marks where the Equator crosses in South America. Step between both hemispheres surrounded by handicraft shops, restaurants & occasional shows in a very comforting atmosphere.

Day 3
Flight to Manta, visit to Tagua handicraft Factory, and Montecristi
Flight to Manta in the morning, arrival and transfer to Alandaluz Eco-lodge. On the way to Alandaluz you will visit a “Tagua” factory, also known as “vegetable Ivory” to see how talented crafters make decorative figures from these rare nuts. Another stop will be the city on Montecristi, worldly known for being the place of birth of the Panama Hat.

Day ends with the arrival and lodging at Alandaluz Eco lodge. Alandaluz is well-known throughout the world for its eco-tourist practices, which include: water recycling, constructions made out of natural materials (bio-architecture), 90% of the staff is from the Puerto Rico community (local employment), and community conservation education, among others. The lodge has also won two international prizes for best eco-tourism project, is recognized by the Ecuadorian Tourism Board as one of the two best eco-tourist lodges in Ecuador, and won the “Best Eco-lodge in the World” prize given by Lonely Planet in 2006. Lodging in ocean-front bungalows.

Day 4
Snorkeling, bird watching, beach relaxation, and hiking
The waves will greet you in the morning as you wake up in an ocean-front bungalow. Fruit salad with granola and yogurt accompanied with eggs, bread, jelly, coffee and toast make for a fulfilling breakfast before the day’s excursions. Next, we depart for Puerto Lopez, from where we will take a small yacht for snorkeling and discovering amazing beaches. During the late morning we will discover the great natural wonders of one of the most beautiful virgin beaches on the Ecuadorian coast, Los Frailes Beach, which lies within Machalilla National Park. Here we will hike, snorkel on coral reef & bathe in warm equatorial waters. It has been chosen by its visitors as the most beautiful beach in Ecuador. Surrounded by an untouched environment, this broad beach full with crystalline waters offers curious rocky formations, and walks through the dry forest. There is a lookout point from where you can appreciate the splendor of the area, the “Plata” Island, the small Island of Sucre, as well as the nearby beaches of “La Tortuguita”, and “Playa Bonita”. The diversity of the vegetation is admirable; it has desertic brushwood, typical thorny bushes, cactus, tuna, “muyuyo”, “zapote de perro”, “ceibo”, Black wood, “algarrobo”, Ebony, and Holly Stick. From the 259 bird species that this place has 61 are endemic. There are 100 species registered for the humid zone, between their main representatives we have falcons, hummingbirds, toucans, and woodpeckers. There are 81 registered species of mammals like: the white tailed deer, wild bores, “guanta” rodent, fruit bat & ocelot. Due to the dry semi-deserted climate, the amphibians and reptiles have not developed in a favorable way. There are only 24 recognized species of them. This beach is also frequently used for the nesting of four different species of marine turtles, all of them in danger of extinction. In “Los Frailes” the ecosystems are very complex. They are characterized between a high degree of interaction between the organisms that live stuck to the rocks and those that can move by their own means. The quality of the water, the nutrients, the type of substratum, and the temperature of the water are important factors for its development and growth.

We’ll later enjoy a bonfire on the beach after dinner.

Day 5
Canopy tour, organic farm, San Vicente Hot Springs, Guayaquil
Check-out from Alandaluz. During this day we will discover the hidden treasures of Cantalapiedra. Here you will participate in a canopy tour, and learn about traditional crops in the area. Cantalapiedra is a property with nearly 800 acres located on the north side of the Ayampe River and close to the South Occidental side of the Machalilla National Park. It has the most extensive forests of native bamboo of the Ayampe River basin. They are utilized with sustainable handling techniques. It also has areas of secondary forest with a process of recovery of over 30 years, and significant areas of a primary forest in process of conservation; a special sector known as “Cerro Llovido”. A Reforestation Program is taking place and it has allowed the planting of over 40,000 plants of native forest species, and more than 2,000 native and exotic fruit plants. This has been possible thanks to the optimization of irrigation systems, and the re-utilization of gray and black waters through implementing integral recycling systems. This has raised the number of species of birds from two hundred to two hundred thirty in eleven years.

Another stop is San Vicente Native Spa, where you will be able to bathe in hot springs, get therapeutic volcanic mud on your skin for a natural revitalizing skin treatment & a great massage.

Arrival to Guayaquil at the end of the day, check in at Oro Verde Hotel.

Day 6 to 10
Hotel pick-up and transfer to the airport to board your flight. Arrival and transfer to Aida Maria Motor Yacht.

You’ll enjoy 5 days of touring the Galapagos Islands and experiencing all of the beauty it has to offer. You will be amazed and will have lifetime memories- we promise!

After cruise is over on day 10, Galapagos Airport drop off, flight to Guayaquil, airport pick-up, and transfer to Hotel Oro Verde

Day 11
Full day Guayaquil City Tour + Guayaquil Historic park
Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador now presents itself with the magnificent “Malecón 2000”, a modern structure with museums, parks, restaurants, gardens, galleries, theaters, monuments and walkways to enjoy the refreshing breeze of the Guayas River. You will also visit the Iguana Park, “Las Peñas” Historical Neighborhood which has been recently renovated, Santa Ana Hill where you can have a panoramic view of the whole city, and a scenic tour of other areas downtown Guayaquil.

For lunch, we’ll enjoy a typical coastal Ecuadorian style lunch.

Guayaquil Historic Park joins important elements of our beloved city of the late 1800’s and 1900’s. The Refuge for Wildlife rescues important ecosystems such as mangroves, tropical dry forest and flooded savannas, characteristic of the region. In the Urban Rescue Area you find renovated buildings that were located in the downtown area dating from 100 years back. The Traditions Area displays the customs of the surroundings of Guayaquil back in time as well as traditional crops and medicinal plants.

Day 12

Travel from Guayaquil to Riobamba, visit to Andean Indigenous Farm.
The ride up to the Andes will help you understand the diversity of climates and wildlife in Ecuador, from its flooded coastal lands, to its snow-capped volcanoes near Riobamba. If the weather is clear, we might be able to see the all-mighty Chimborazo, the highest mountain in Ecuador at 20700 feet above sea level.

During the afternoon, we’ll visit an indigenous farm to learn about their daily life, beliefs, and farm activities.

We end the day by checking into Abraspungo Country Inn, right outside of Riobamba.

Day 13
Train on the Avenue of Volcanoes, Devil’s Nose, Ingapirca Ruins, and Cuenca
Transfer to train station. Our train to the town of Alausi departs at 7am from Riobamba. This unique train ride will take us on an unforgettable journey through the central Andes passing by snow-covered volcanoes, native villages & finally the Devil’s Nose, a famous mountain that is known for its incredible surroundings. What most people like is that the train goes relatively slow & is safely equipped to ride on top of the wagons, allowing an amazing view of the surrounding Andes.

At Alausi, we will be picked up and driven to Ingapirca, Ecuador’s most important archeological ruins that date back before Incan times. Here you will learn about the “children of the sun”, as well as the people who inhabited these lands before the arrival of the Incas. Lunch is served at a nearby hacienda. The day ends at the most beautiful city in Ecuador, Cuenca!

Day 14
Cuenca Full day, flight to Quito.
Our day begins early with a Cuenca city tour, visiting the most outstanding sites. Walking around the central part of Cuenca is like going back in time. The colonial architecture of the city has been well maintained. A tour around the city of Cuenca visits the heart of the colonial city as well as an Inca wall which has been kept up since the 15th century and the best Panama Hat Factory. The surroundings of Cuenca are also very beautiful. The landscape is a bit less abrupt than that of the Northern Andes, but the rolling hills and the rivers are spectacular. This city is also known for its 52 colonial style catholic churches and cobblestone streets.

After the city tour we’ll check out of the hotel, transfer to the airport, and board the flight to Quito. Upon arrival, we’ll check-in at Patio Andaluz Hotel.

Day 15
Farewell, flight back to United States
Transfer to Quito International Airport. Thank you for choosing our services. We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed and have created lifetime memories through your travels in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

A good bill of health is required for cycling, hiking, and running. We hope you join in the activities and display team spirit. Dry weather conditions prevail at the time of the tour. There are always exceptions and we suggest you bring a light jacket. The days can be pleasantly warm around 70 to 85 degrees, with cooler evenings. Tour participants should keep this in mind and bring suitable clothing. Additional information will be provided for recommended clothing prior to travel.


* Ten nights of lodging, see hotel pictures at the end
* Meals (drinks with lunches & dinners not included)
* All private airport pickups and drop offs
* All excursions mentioned in Itinerary with entrances, and national park entrances
* All airplane tickets
* Excursion on Galapagos cruise in double occupancy with all excursions according to the vessel’s planned itinerary, all meals, bilingual naturalist guidance level III, airport pick-up and drop off in Galapagos, airfare Quito – Galapagos – Quito, Galapagos National park Entrance Fee, Ingala Migration Control Card.

Not Included:

* Any type of insurance
* Gratuities to guides, drivers & crew
* Some meals
* Drinks & alcoholic beverages during meals

Meal observations: If guests require special meals, if you are allergic to something, or if you are a vegetarian or vegan, please let us know in advance so that we can make the proper arrangements for your meals.

If requested we can make travel arrangements as well.

Contact us for exclusive itineraries for small groups or individual travelers requiring special assistance. We will be happy to assist in scheduling your travel. Kylie at or 1-800-637-3110.

Terms & Conditions

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