Cowlitz County-Washington Birding

//Cowlitz County-Washington Birding

Cowlitz County-Washington Birding

Dates: year round
Cost: $ 659.00 per person (2-day discount price includes ticket price, Lodging, tour guide, transportation)

Requirements: This tour package require 2 or more for booking

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Starting Point: Portland & Surrounding Area

1 TICKET, 2 DAYS, Birding Excursion & wineries & St Helens

Just minutes from Portland: Let America’s Hub World Tours take you there…

Washington State birding is made up of marshes, wetlands, lakes, forests and grasslands. Most of the birds of the Pacific Flyway depend on Washington’s wealth of natural habitats. Vast numbers of shorebirds stop here in spring to rest and eat before continuing northward, while many neo-tropical migrants, raptors, and others stay to nest and raise the next generation.

The Southwest Washington Loop features 270 of Washington’s 365 bird species. Many can be found at five sites in Cowlitz County.
From Coal Creek Slough: Bullock’s orioles; willow, olive-sided, and Pacific-slope flycatchers; osprey; swallows; and kingfishers.

Lake Sacagawea: Green heron; American coot; pie-billed grebe; rock dove; cormorant; osprey; and bufflehead, canvasback, mallard, widgeon, golden-eye, and wood ducks.

Seaquest State Park/Mount St. Helens Visitor Center: Native and migratory birds.

Hummocks Trail: Horned larks, Western meadowlarks, rock wrens, rosy finches, goldeneyes, buffleheads, cinnamon teal, Canada geese, coots, sora, marsh wren, red-winged and yellow-headed blackbirds, yellowthroat, yellow warbler, Wilson’s warbler, yellow-rumped warblers, MacGillivray’s warbler, willow flycatcher, sparrows, kingfishers, swifts, kestrels, rufous hummingbirds, harriers, short-eared owls, Townsend’s solitaire, and barn, cliff, tree, violet-green, northern rough-winged and Vaux’s swallows.

Johnston Ridge Observatory: Many of the same species found on the Hummocks Trail.

As a result, Washington State birding is one of the premier locations out west for spring or autumn birding. Cowlitz County offers some of the best birding experience throughout the state.

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