The United States is bless with an unlimited outdoors activies, from Biking, Running, hiking, kayaking, Skiing, Mountain Climbing, photography and astronomy. But there’s one activity spreading like wildfire across the country. They can spend hours, patient and quiet, simply waiting for the flutter of wings. We are future to have so many locations in the Pacific Northwest for bird watching, or birding. Considered one of the most dedicated groups worldwide they are sometimes called hobbyists, enthusiasts or just plain obsessed, birders are nothing if not just adventures.

When you’re in the outdoors watchout; they come armed with binoculars, cameras, sound recorders, field guides and an impressive knowledge of the critters they might see, birders venture deep into nature and find the perfect spot to sit and wait.

The optimal time of year to go birding varies from place to place, but for most regions, springtime means the birds are returning from their southern sojourns. Our forests are prime locations to see birds, we’ve selected a few of the best locations in the Pacfic Northwest to visit.

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