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Argentina Highlights

* Buenos Aires
* Mar Del Plata
* Iguazu Falls

Brazil Highlights

* Iguazu Falls
* Rio De Janeiro

All local transportation, meals, lodging, and miscellaneous fees will be included in the price.

Note: Hub World Travel tour guides are full time staff members who are knowledgeable of the South America region. The guide will be able to share information and expand your knowledge of the cultural, political, and economic state of the area. We want to ensure you have a wonderful experience and return home with many stories to tell.


Day 1 thru Day 3
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Your tour guide will meet you at the Buenos Aires airport (EZE). The guide will check to ensure all necessary documents are obtained and baggage is gathered. You will then take go to the hotel and review your trip itinerary. Here you will experience a city that never sleeps. After dinner, take in a movie, sit at a bar or cafe until three, then head off for some dancing. For one of the hottest scene in town head to Plaza Serrano (in Palermo Viejo). You can enjoy time is sit in the middle of the square late at night and listen to the hum of the city as it comes to a rest. Your tour guide will be available for local tours sharing information on history, economy, government, and the culture of the local area. Also, your tour guide will be available to help with any questions and make recommendations to ensure you enjoy your experience.

Buenos Aires: The cobbled streets with faded architectural buildings offer a great atmosphere for shopping, talking world politics, and discussing fútbol (soccer). Buenos Aires has great tasting wine and cultural meals.

Dancing: Buenos Aires’ culture revolves around art heavily, more specifically, the art of dancing. Dancing is the one activity to master. Luckily the tango, flamenco, latin, salsa and folk dancing lessons are widely available (detail information will be made available for you). Tango classes are available just about everywhere—from youth hostels to dance academies to cultural centers to milongas (dance halls). Hub World Travel will also make available evening lessons at the hotel before you adventure out.

Exploring Buenos Aires: We want you to have time to explore this beautiful city. Your tour guide will be available to assist as needed with any directions or recommendations for places to adventure to. As you explore the grand facades of downtown admiring the wonderful old European buildings you will experience different aspects of life in Buenos Aires. Some of the cultural aspects you may come across are street vendors selling captivating art, the strong soccer followers, and historic representations of Buenos Aires in forms of architectural buildings.

Plaza Dorrego: This one of the oldest public spaces in the city, dating back to the 18th century. In 1930, coffee shops and bars surrounding the Plaza sprung up and it became an area for wine, song and dance, as it remains today. The market started in 1970, and it is still going strong with more than 270 stands offering antiques, photographs, clothes, jewelry, old books, craft items and other knickknacks. Argentine tango and folklore singers and dancers, and other performers, put on outdoor shows throughout the day. If you have no more than a casual interest in tango, then Plaza Dorrego is an excellent place to enjoy an introductory sampling of the dance.

Day 4 thru 7
Mar Del Plata, Argentina
We will travel north to Mar Del Plata. As we approach the city, we will have our first views of the spectacular ocean beaches. Here you will enjoy sightings of one of the best kept vacation secrets throughout the world. If there is one place Argentines choose to go on their summer vacations, Mar del Plata is here. Though many of the resorts once catered to the rich, Mar del Plata today rests firmly in the hands of the middle class.

Ocean Beaches:
Arriving in Mar del Plata you will be welcomed by the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Bird watching, horseback riding, walks and boat cruises encompasses a few popular activities to do here. Also, enjoy casinos and the nightlife. Remember that most discos and pubs don’t open until midnight or after to accommodate the late dinner hour

Old Houses: Towards 1900, Mar del Plata was the leisure spot chosen by the Argentinean society aristocratic families to spend the summer. It was the buildings raised in those days the ones that defined the city architectural style.

Local Theaters: Mar del Plata is also the site of country’s most important film festival, the Argentine version of Cannes.

Mar del Plata Aquarium:
The local aquarium offers a wide range of marine attractions. Most popular attractions are the dolphin and seal shows. There are also penguins, tortoises, flamingos, many kinds of fish, and a cinema featuring 3D films.

Leisure & Fishing Cruises: From Mar del Plata’s port you can embark on both fishing and leisure cruises through the surrounding sea. Pleasure cruises travel along some of the region’s most dramatic coastline.

Ecology & Educational Farms:
“La Piedra” and “La Pilarica” Laguna Sierra de los Padres Laguna Sierra is Mar del Plata’s premier ecological reserve. This ecological reserve encompasses over 200 hectares of marshland and is ideal for bird watching.

Museums: There are two important public museums that reside in Mar del Plata: the Museo Municipal de Arte Juan Carlos Castagnino, and the Museo Archivo Historico Municipal. The art museum contains paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures and photographs by Mar de Plata artists and various masters of Argentine painting. There are also photographs of Castagnino.

Day 8 thru 10
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
You’ll enjoy a morning breakfast before being transported to the airport for your next flight to Iguassu falls. Upon arrival we will waste no time. Your tour guide will take you up close to feel, touch, smell the falls. They are situated right on the border between Brazil and Argentina. Our goal is to ensure you get a view from both sides. The Brazilian side offers a more panoramic view, while the Argentina side offers an up close view with walks along the tops of the falls, along the bottom of the falls and to the very edge of the back of Devil’s Throat.

Iguazu Falls: The falls are so powerful, breathtaking, moving and it will forever leave a memory etched in your soul. The Iguazu river basin extends over some 62,000 sq km. It receives the waters from about 30 rivers before reaching the falls. Here are 275 falls plunging over a cliff with an average drop of 300 feet to the river below. These falls are 60 feet higher than Niagara and about one and a half times as wide.

Devil’s Throat: The largest quantity of water passes through this part of Iguassu Falls. Named “Garganta del Diablo” (Spanish for “Devil’s Throat), this part of the Falls is very high; 80 meters (266 feet). You can get to within a few meters of Devil’s Throat by walking on the new catwalk (1.3 mile round trip).

National Park: We plan to visit a national park for hikes in the subtropical rainforest, which you will experience over 400 species of birds, members of the toucan family and over 100 species of buffer flies ( )

Day 11 thru 16
Brazil occupies nearly half the continent of South America and is the fifth largest country in the world. The Atlantic Ocean runs along its entire eastern coast, where two-thirds of its population lives. The country’s primary language is Portuguese and the neighboring countries speak Spanish.

People are the essence of this country and while Brazil is home to a multitude of ethnic groups of varying economic status, there are some characteristics that everyone shares energy and passion for. Much of the life of any Brazilian revolves around family both immediate and extended. Brazilians are sun worshippers and love spending time at the beaches. They also enjoy music, dancing and celebrate with many fiestas. Carnaval is celebrated all over Brazil.

Iguassu, Brazil: We will adventure over to the other side of the falls to Brazil. The Brazilian side offers wide expansive panoramic vistas, looking across the river gorge. We will spend some time touring the national parks before departing to Rio De Janeiro.

Rio De Janerio:
Rio De Janeiro is one the hottest destinations and very few places in the world match its hospitality and natural charm. Rio is brimming with color, sound, rhythm, and joy which make it synonymous with Carnaval, happiness, and beautiful people. Rio has music, nightlife, beaches, historical sites and a spirit all of its own.

Ecological Parks: Brazil has numerous varied ecosystems: the tropical forest in the Amazon, the stunted vegetation in the northeast, the Atlantic Forest in the southeast, the vast marsh lands of the Pantanal in the mid-west and the pampas in the south. These ecological parks allow for great viewing of various wildlife.

Day 17
Home: With many stories of adventures to tell!
You’ll enjoy a morning breakfast before being transported to the airport for your flight home. Remember to book your next vacation before boarding. If you need to depart early, arrangements can be made to accommodate your needs.



A good bill of health is required for cycling, hiking, and running. We hope you join in the activities and display team spirit. Dry weather conditions prevail at the time of the tour. There are always exceptions and we suggest you bring a light jacket. The days can be pleasantly warm around 70 to 85 degrees, with cooler evenings. Tour participants should keep this in mind and bring suitable clothing. Additional information will be provided for recommended clothing prior to travel.


* Qualified English-speaking tour guide; Special arrangements can be made for interpreters if requested.
* Accommodations in double rooms do not always include private restroom. Special arrangements made upon request.
* All meals and entrance fees to parks
* All transportation during tour


* Flights to Buenos Aires
* Departures from Rio De Janerio

If requested we can make travel arrangements as well.

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